10 Best Ways You Must Know: How to Create Non Toxic Home

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10 Ways to Create Non Toxic Home

Home sweet home, goes the saying – and indeed, home should be a place of happiness and health. But in fact, there are countless ways that toxins can make their way into our happy homes and bodies, affecting our hormonal systems and raising our risk of disease. In this we will figure out where the toxins are and how to remove them to create nontoxic home. Here are some important 10 tips for how to create non toxic home.

how to create non toxic home

Here are important 10 ways how to create non toxic home:

1. Take off shoes at the door:

It is obvious that shoes carry everything from small bits of asphalt to toxic chemicals from the lawn still they don’t look dirty or muddy. It is important to position a shoe rack outside the door to keep the infectious elements outside your home and to create a non toxic home.

2. Clean Regularly:

Vacuum regularly and dust with a damp cloth. Dust around the house is a significant source of household toxins. The chemicals found in dust can come from inside your home products you use in your house or can migrate from outside. Use a vacuum fitted with high efficiency particulate arrestance filter. These filters are specially designed to trap the maximum amount of dust particles and keep them from recirculating in the air. For non carpeted areas, use wet mop. Wet mop or clothes trap dust better than dry ones, enabling you to pick up more dust than you would simply sweeping with a broom.

how to create non toxic home

3. In bathroom skip the daily shower-cleaning spray:

There is a trend towards choosing stronger cleaning products to avoid having to scrub. But these stronger chemicals are highly caustic, even contain cancer causing carcinogens. For getting the dirt off bathroom, your basic tools should be a scouring sponge and a microfiber cleaning cloth, not chemicals. When you do need a cleaning, you can simply mix up your own recipes from ingredients in kitchen like vinegar, water, baking soda etc. And if you choose for store, then look for products that use less harsh chemicals.

4. Avoid Scented Products:

When you buy a scented product for your home, chances are there it will contain different chemicals that manufacturers do not disclose in the term of fragrance. Many of these hidden chemicals  have been linked to allergic reactions or even are hormone disruptors. It is not just perfumes and colognes that are the issue. Artificial scents appearing from these chemical based products may hamper to create non toxic home. Choose the fragrance coming from natural based product would be suitable to make your home non toxic.

5. Make Home Airy and Lighted:

It is essential that our home should be possessed with sufficient amount of light and air. There are many ways to improve the air quality within your home. There must be enough windows and doors to allow the natural air come into your home sufficiently. Add plants to your home that will help to purify the air and provides a kind of solace and refreshment. Even you can install a good quality of air purifier that will help to attract pollutants in the air.

How to create non toxic home

6. Buy Organic Corps:

The vegetables and fruits are often coated with pesticides that harm your healthy atmosphere. We can not see, taste or smell these pesticides. Washing or peeling may reduces these pesticides but still they remain in your daily cooking. If buying everything organic is not possible, then at least try to get most of the fruits and vegetables that do not have highest amount of pesticides.

7. Avoid Plastic Usage:

Many plastic used around the house contain chemical additives such as bisphenol A which is hormone disruptor that has associated with brain changes, cancer, heart problems and high blood pressure. These chemicals are known to mix into foods stored inside plastic containers. this is particularly concerning for young children. So strive for less plastic and plastic toys and depends on more natural fibers such as wood, wool, paper bag etc.

8. Avoid antibacterial soap and sprays in kitchen:

Products that carry an antibacterial label contain a chemical called triclosan which can impact thyroid function and even trigger diseases like cancer. Using antibiotic soaps may also increase bacterial resistance to antibiotics. Plain soap and water are generally sufficient for washing hands and for cleaning kitchen surfaces.

9. Choose your cosmetics carefully:

Many cosmetic products contain chemicals that might surprise you. For example, although mercury is banned in most cosmetics in many countries, still it appears in different cosmetics products like mascara, while certain lipsticks contain lead. Many cosmetic products contain less well-known toxins such as parabens, which can disrupt the hormonal system. Numerous studies have shown that such chemicals can be absorbed into the body through skin. Although it is very hard to sort out the non-toxin products through various cosmetic products, but you can shop for cosmetics at a natural food store or other store that specializes in natural products.

10.  Use Non-Toxic Cookware:

Cookware can actually be a source of a variety of toxins. Unfortunately, many options may cause different chemicals to leach into your food during cooking process. Non-stick Teflon contains Perfluorinated chemicals . When we use these pans for cooking, these chemicals are released into our food. Here stainless steel, cast iron based cookware would be best option to go with your healthy cooking.


These are the most valuable 10 tips for reducing toxin exposure in each room of your home. While many people are already aware of the dangers of hidden toxins in our household and the ways to prevent them, others may not be as aware of how to create non toxic home. It is a regular practice to maintain the above said tips to create non toxic home.

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