7 Ways to Improve Memory

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7 Ways to Improve Memory

Has anyone seen keys? Where I have kept spectacles? Why did I come up stairs? These statements are but a mere sampling what happens when treacherous memory betrays us. Our memories are an integral part of our biological system. But as we grew old, our memory power declines with the age. However, memory plays a vital role in making feel that who we are as human beings. Genetics play an import role in memory loss. However there are many ways to improve our memory. Let’s see the 7 ways to improve memory.

7 Ways to Improve Memory

7 Ways to Improve Memory:

It is not worthy to say that I have been possessed with 100% memory. There are some ways to improve memory and minimize memory messes and help to retain some degree of respectability.

1 Make your mind light:

Anyone can improve their memory, unless they are experiencing memory loss as a part of medical condition like Alzheimer.  studies have shown that stress is one of the brain’s enemies that destroy the brain cells and damages the hippocampus where the brain involved in the formation of new memories and the retrieval of old ones. So it is necessary to spend some time with fun and laughter because these are the inevitable part that helps to get healthy brain and sharp memory reigns in healthy mind.

2 Get yourself moving:

Now that you have freed up some time, you need to put a little exercise into your routine. An active body helps to give active active mind. Whether it is finding a gym close to your workplace or home, or buying some exercise kits to work out in your living room, you need to get yourself moving. Studies have shown that at least 75-150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity in a week help to get you rejuvenated brain which helps to get sharper memory in your life. It is one of the great ways to improve memory.

3 Write stuff down:

It is significant to know that in addition to making your thoughts visible and permanent, the act of writing something works to place to place ideas in your long-term memory. This idea helps the students a lot. In fact, writing helps memory by forcing one to slow down and creating optimal conditions and visual perception to store events in long-term memory.

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4 Stay socially active:

It is noticeable that people with good memories have good social lives. According to scientific research, social interactions help reduce depression and stress – two factors that can render a memory powerless. So find out the spaces in your busy life and get together with your loved ones, friends to cheer you up as well as your mind.

5 Never stop learning:

You need to find things to keep your memory active. Once we finish school, it is become normal to most of people of ceasing educating themselves. Just as muscles grow weak without use, you can ruin your memory without working it out. So find ways to improve memory by finding ways to keep learning. Whether it is taking a class or simply solving cross-word puzzles or word-calling games, involvement in reading, make up a plan to keep your mind working on new things. All these contribute beneficial to reduce the risk of dementia and improve your memory.

6 Take proper sleep:

Sleep has a huge impact on how you feel and how your mind is working. Sleep is not a luxury but a necessity. Sleep deprivation results in wide-ranging issues, one of them is impaired memory. We spend up to one-third of our lives asleep. Therefore, as we plan the day’s activities, let’s not forget to plan our night’s sleep. Health experts recommend adults to have proper 7-8 hours of night sleep for optimal health.

7 Make time for meditation:

It is universally proven fact that meditation is beneficial to our health in many ways by giving a relaxing and soothing effect on our body and mind. Meditation has been shown to improve short-time memory in people of all ages. For example, one study showed that Taiwanese college students who practiced meditation had come out with significantly better spatial memory than the students who were not engaged in meditation.


These are the very simple, scientific-proven ways to improve memory. Give yourself a peaceful span of time, be active, exercise moderately, spend time in reading and memory games, get enough sleep are some of the most valuable ways to improve memory and get a optimal mental health.

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