Good Sources of Vitamin C: 5 Best Sources of Vitamin C

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5 Best Sources of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is vital to our immune system and helps in maintenance of bones, skin, teeth and joints. So we need to have a balanced diet where there should  be right amount of vitamin C. So we must look for foods that are good sources of vitamin C.

Importance of vitamin C:

Vitamin C is important for our immune system which helps us identify disease-causing agents like viruses, bacteria and bad microbes. This can help us take corrective actions at the right time to avoid further damage. Now the fact is that our body can not make vitamin C on its own and that’s why we must look for food that is rich in vitamin c. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps in reducing oxidative stress in the body and when it is combined with an iron-rich meal it helps in iron absorption in the body. This ascorbic acid also helps to control the inflammation of the body, therefore, keeping us healthy. Here is a list of foods that are good sources of Vitamin C and also have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Good Sources of Vitamin C

Good Sources of Vitamin C:

Here are the foods that ensure with the good sources of vitamin C.

1 Pineapples:

This vitamin C-rich tropical fruit is also great source of bromelain, a digestive enzyme that has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and improve digestion as well as lung health. It also has mucolytic properties which break down mucus and helps with respiratory issues.

2 Papaya:

Apart from being a great source of Vitamin C, papaya has orange pigments due to the presence of flavonoids. These flavonoids have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-cancer benefits on the body. Papain from raw papaya is a strong digestive enzyme that helps in breaking down protein in our digestive system, and also has anti-inflammatory benefits. This fruit is essential for immunity as well.

3 Moringa:

These leaves are very much rich in iron as well as vitamin C. It helps in the absorption of iron in the body and improves the iron levels of people suffering from anemia. Moringa leaves are also loaded with immune-boosting phytonutrients that help our body fight against various infections.

4 Amla:

The vitamin C and antioxidant content of Indian gooseberry plays an important role in boosting immunity and keeping you away from allergies. It also cools the body.

5 Lemon:

This mighty citrus fruit is easily available and is really a good source of vitamin C which helps in keeping our body alkaline. Most diseases start with an acidic environment and to keep a balance in our body’s pH levels we can incorporate a glass of lemon water daily into our routine.


So vitamin C is so much importance that we must incorporate these vitamin C-rich foods into our routine to work on our immunity, digestion and overall healing. But also focus on all pillars of life-style like nutrition along with movement, sleep and emotional health to get the maximum benefits from vitamin C.

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