How To Manage Busy Schedule: Best 8 Tips to Manage Busy Schedule

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Best 8 Tips to Manage Busy Schedule 

In a virtual world, we can spare an hour a day to commit to physical fitness. In the real world, however, we may not blessed with the ample time to come out of our hectic busy schedule and are puzzled to get solution how to manage busy schedule for working out to appear as a better self and take importance of personal and mental health. We are too occupied handling personal priorities and rushing to run errands that working out often takes a back-seat. 

Sure, lack of time is a perfectly justifiable excuse. But it can be assured that working out is possible right now if you stick to some discipline. If you do need time to workout, then all you need is discipline. 

Here is how to manage busy schedule and bring back the importance of fitness into your hectic busy schedule.

How To Manage Busy Schedule

These are the some useful suggestions –

How to Manage Busy Schedule:

1. Wake up early:

Sleep is a vital part of our overall health. While it can do wonders. It is practical to get up at least half an hour earlier so you could work out. Studies show that exercising in the morning includes benefits like appetite regulation and energy boosts. Also, breaking a sweat in the morning squarely deals with the nagging feeling of “I have to work today”. Let’s face it; even with discipline and good intentions, it is a Herculean task to go home after a long day and to go for a run.

2. Cut back on entertainment:

Try out this experiment. For a few days, jot down how much time you spend watching television, checking emails, surfing the internet or playing video games on your mobile phone or on your computer. You will be surprised at how much time you spent checking social sites or playing video games. Cutting back on time here and there can add up to an hour or more of free time that could have been spent working out to get that flat belly you have trying to have.

3. Work out at work:

Right off the bat, this idea sounds far-fetched. But there are tons of ways to sneak in physical activity while at work. If you work inside a building with stairs, use it regularly. It is a workout in itself. If you want to take on a bigger challenge, add some core-strength to the mix by carrying a couple of one-litter bottles of water in your hands as you walk up and down the stairs. You can also go for a walk in your lunch break.

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4. Multitask:

Though cleaning must not be the most fun thing to do, but it is something that we have to do and it can definitely be a workout if you put in the effort. Set up a timer for 20 minutes and see how much of your house or apartment you can clean. Be as efficient and quick as possible. You will absolutely work up a sweat. If you are doing lighter chores like organizing or doing the laundry, throw in some squats or burpees every 10 minutes to pick up the pace. Even when you are watching television, you can do sit-ups during commercials.

5. Schedule your workout:

Even with an iron will, you will skip workouts. Sometimes, it is hard to fit in from all your other activities and then one day you wake up on a morning and realized you have not exercised all week. One thing that helps is to treat your workout schedule as an important meeting or project, meaning its completion should be vital. Spend a few minutes at the start of the week to map out your schedule for the whole week. Include your workouts so you will be able to stick to them. Balance your activities to keep them accomplishable.

6. Learn to say No:

If you are already following everything on this list, then it is time to give the list of your priorities and responsibilities a second glance. do you really have to attend this or that event? It is hard but you also have to remember that there is nothing wrong with saying No. We all have commitments involving others, but we also have to know that we an obligation to take care of our body.

7. Make it social:

Do you usually spend time with your family or friends by going out to dinner, watching sports on TV, or going out to the mall? Make hanging out more active by planning events that get everyone moving. Go for a family hike or play a basketball game with your buddies. There is more fun in numbers.

8. Turn your commute into exercise:

If you live close enough, walk to and from your school or place of work. Even if it is just a kilometer a way, each step counts. IF it is a bit farther to walk, try cycling. If you make these activities part of your daily commute, you will start the day energized and even burn off some steam on your way back home.


If you are willing to know how to manage busy schedule to make a healthy commitment, then give no excuses. Even when you are overwhelmed with your busy hectic schedule, as long as you stay true to your goals and make them realistic, then it is easy to be on your way to a newer and better you.

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