10 Best Ideas to Create Healthy Workplace Environment

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10 Best Ideas to Create Healthy Workplace Environment

The health and safety of workplace has now become a thought to be embodied in the Health Safety at Work, Etc. Act, 1974 which is concerned with minimum standards for healthy workplace environment. The regulations contain a general requirement for every employer and others to ensure that any workplace under their control and where their employers work, complies with any applicable requirement. This duty is extended to those who have control of a workplace in connection with trade, business or other undertaking. This article gives an idea of 10 best ideas to create healthy workplace environment.

10 Best Ideas to Create Healthy Workplace Environment

10 Best Ideas to Create Healthy Workplace Environment:

1. Ventilation of Healthy Workplace Environment:

Every enclosed place must be ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air. This requirement does not extend to work carried on in confined spaces where breathing apparatus may be necessary. In most cases, openable windows or other openings will provide satisfactory ventilation. However, if found to be necessary, mechanical ventilation should be provided. It is important that such systems be regularly maintained, particularly because of the risk of Legionnaires’ disease.

2. Adequate Lighting in Workplace:

Adequate lighting is an important prerequisite for ensuring the safety and comfort of people at work. While natural light is the most desirous form of lighting, in many work situations this has to be either supplemented or completely replaced by some form of artificial lighting. Suitable and sufficient lighting is required for ideal working place. In addition, emergency lighting must be provided where failure of any artificial lighting could pose a risk to health and safety.

3 Cleanliness is Important for Healthy Workplace Environment:

Every workplace, and the furniture, furnishings and fittings contained in it, are to be kept sufficiently clean. In addition, the surfaces of the floors, walls and ceilings of all workplace shall be capable of being kept sufficiently clean, and all waste material must be kept in suitable receptacles. It is important to note bear in mind that only an adequately planned cleaning program will satisfy this general requirement.

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4. Space is Required for Healthy Workplace Environment:

To create a healthy workplace environment, it is required that every room that people work in shall have sufficient floor area, height and unoccupied space for the purposes of health, safety and welfare. Congested working place may hinder to provide healthy working place environment. It is recommended that large open space can create a healthy workplace environment.

5. Proper Workstations and Seating:

Workstations must be arranged so as to be suitable for any person who is likely to work there, and for any work likely to be done there. For workstations that are located outside, there must be protection from adverse weather conditions. These workstations must also be arranged so as to enable a swift means of escape in cases of emergency. Where necessary, a suitable seat must be provided. Suitability is defined as being not only suitable for the operation being carried out, but also for the person it is provided for. Where necessary, a footrest must also be provided.

6. Conditions of Floors and Traffic Routes:

This covers another of the priority areas of work, set for enforcement officers with regard to the prevention of slips, trips and falls. Floors and traffic routes should be of sound construction and must be constructed so as to be suitable for the purpose for which they are used. A traffic route is to be defined as : a route for pedestrian traffic, vehicles or both and includes any stairs, staircase, fixed ladder, doorway, gateway, loading bay or ramp. It is suggested that there should not be no holes, slope, unevenness or slipperiness that could pose a risk to health or safety.

7. Basic Amenities and Hygiene:

A healthy workplace environment pace always assures with the provision of sanitary conveniences, washing facilities, adequate wholesome drinking water, suitable and sufficient facilities for changing clothing and suitable and sufficient facilities for rest and to eat meals. Employers are required to ensure that suitable smoking or no smoking zone are made so as to ensure that no discomfort occurs.

8. Maintenance of Workplace, equipment and devices:

Workplace and certain equipment, devices and systems be regularly maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair. Regular maintenance including as necessary inspection, testing, adjustment, lubrication and cleaning is carried out at suitable intervals. A suitable record is kept to ensure that the system is properly implemented and to assist in validating maintenance programs.

9. Facility of Mental Health Support:

Recognizing the workload and competition of global market, it is best to have the facility of getting mental health support in the working place. Mental health supports should be included such as counselling services, employee assistance programs, promoting a stigma-free culture. This kind of service is needed to create a lighter happy workplace environment. Research shows that mentally healthy workforce is more necessary, creative and engaged which directly contributes to get overall success in the working place.

10. Recognition and Rewards:

It is important to celebrate individual and team achievements through various recognition programs, especially once in annual year. It is quite understandable that acknowledging employees’ hard work and dedication not only boosts their moral but also encourages a positive mind set and create a healthy work place environment.


We can lay great emphasis on the responsibility of individual workers to ensure that their health, safety and welfare is maintained as well as the responsibility that rests upon the employer to provide safe and healthy workplace environment. We should ensure to create healthy workplace environment that must not present a risk of health and provide safety and lighter environment with sweet fragrance and decoration.

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