Explore the Wonders of Nature Health Farms

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Explore the Wonders of Nature Health Farms

In our fast-paced modern lives, it is easy to be disconnected from and forget the healing touch of nature on our overall well-being. In this case, a true nature health farms offer a unique and rejuvenating experience being connected with the solace and bounty of nature. It provides a unique experience to eliminate the stress of daily life and embrace the peaceful serenity of nature that will give you rejuvenating power to your mind and body. 

A nature health farm, though not completely transform you within a week but the rest, controlled exercise and dieting could make you feel much better, fit and help you shed stress and anxiety naturally. Let’s go to the world of nature health farms and discover the magic they offer to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Explore the Wonders of Nature Health Farms

What is Nature Health Farms:

Nature health farms , also known as idyllic retreats, situated in the lap of nature in the seclusion, helps to provide escape from the chaotic urban life, designed to provide a whole some and revitalizing experience for the  mind, body and soul. Nature health farms, in order to provide the complete solace, offer various activities and amenities like yoga, meditation, organic farming, hiking, strolling in the midst of nature, spa, swimming etc. By giving the importance on nature, these nature health farms provide tranquil atmosphere where the visitors can rediscover the harmony of life.

What Happens at Health Farm:

In the first place you are expected to go to bed at a reasonable time and rise early in the morning and to give up cigarettes and alcohol – at least while you are there.

The first day should start with your being weighed and having your blood pressure taken by a qualified nurse. Then there should be a general check up with a doctor who will want to know about any illness and also about your current life-style, worries, stresses depression. A dietician should then talk to you about your eating habits and should ask about any allergies or reactions to foods.

From all this you should be offered a program tailored especially to suit you – including a course of carefully graduated exercises in the gym and recommendations for what you should do when you get home.

Many health farms start you off with a couple of days of fasting, to purify the system. It probably will not be total fasting, but you will not be offered much more than fruit juice. This tends to be delivered to your room, so you don’t have the agony of watching others eating their slightly more substantial fare.

Usually, there is a choice of double and single rooms, with bathrooms attached, and meals may be served in the main dining room or in the bedrooms. Lunch is the main meal of the day, and the menu will be fairly limited with, of course, a strong bias towards natural foods. Some health farms are vegetarian, and all meals will be less than would normally satisfy hearty appetites. Cereals, yogurt, honey cottage cheese, fruit juices and salads will probably feature on the menu.

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How You Spend Day in Nature Health Farms:

The day will probably begin with a light breakfast being brought to your room, whether you are fasting or not. Then the rest of the morning will be spent doing the rounds of the various treatments and taking advantages of the facilities offered in the nature health farms.

Later, after your healthy lunch, you can walk and swim, take a spa or just laze around alone or in the company of others in the midst of nature. Many health farms are in the old country houses with grounds which are ideal for gentle walks or take adventure in the greenery.

What you won’t be offered is organized entertainment – no tours, not even rambles, and certainly no parties. The idea is to read, reflect, relax with the minimum of mental stimulation.

Benefits of Nature Health Farms:

The benefits of nature health farms are abundant. Being bored by the stress and dullness of daily hectic life, the nature health farms will definitely welcome you with a fresh air and greenery that has a calming effect on the mind. Being surrounded by the nature’s beauty, the nature health farms provide a peaceful setting far away from the crowded and hustle of urban life. It will allow you to find inner peace of mind.

These nature health farms offer a variety of physical activities like hiking, cycling, outdoor sports which not only promote fitness but also boost your energy. At the same time, you have the luxury of experiencing the healing touch of yoga, spa under the proper guidance.

One of the most remarkable benefits of nature health farms is the feeling of oneness with nature. Most health farms deal with the importance of nature keeping the food organic, forest adventure, organic farming etc. All these are scientifically proven not only reduce the stress hormones but help you to reduce overweight, hypertension, heart diseases etc.

How To Find The Right Health farms:

Start by collecting several brochures. Health farms advertise in the back of many glossy magazines, and if you telephone or write, they will send printed literature. Compare prices, basic treatments, and amenities, such as sauna or swimming pol, and of course facilities like yoga, gym and other facilities which may appeal to you. Check whether medically qualified staffs are employed, as well as a professional gym instructor.

On the whole the larger and longer established places are likely to be the most reliable and have the widest range of facilities. But some smaller and newer places might offer meditation, yoga or other facilities which may appeal.

Best Nature Health Farms in USA:

  • Serenity Springs, Colorado: Nestled amidst the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Serenity Springs offers a serene escape with luxurious cabins, meditation sessions, and hiking trails that will connect you with nature’s beauty.
  • The Ranch Malibu, California: Luxury structured fitness retreats in Malibu, California offers facilities to promote health, well-being and longevity for solo, couple or group vacations.
  • Canyon Ranch, Tucson, Arizona: Nestled amid the nature and surrounded by natural beauty, Canyon Ranch offers the ultimate intimate, secluded and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Big Sur Wellness Retreat, California: Overlooking the stunning California coastline, this retreat focuses n yoga, organic farming and holistic healing , ensuring a transformative experience for every visitor.
  • Blue Ridge Mountain Retreat, North California: With its lush greenery surroundings and peaceful environment this nature health farm offers meditation workshops, spa treatments and healthy organic food to nourish your body and soul.

Best Nature Health Farms in UK:

  • Amchara Health Retreat, Somerset: Situated in the idyllic English countryside, Amchara Health Retreat offers detox and fasting facilities with professional guidance as well as yoga sessions and personalized wellness consultations to boost your energy and overall health.
  • Eden rise, Devon: This eco-retreat enriches mindfulness, offering meditation, sound healing, and forest walks, allowing you to reconnect with yourself and nature.
  • Clover Mill, Worcestershire: Set in a picturesque mill, this retreat focuses on ayurveda and offers rejuvenating therapies, mindfulness walks and nutritious Ayurvedic meals.

Frequently Asked Questions Answers on Nature Health Farms:

Q. What is Nature Health Farms?

Ans: The nature health farms, a wellness center situated in the countryside surrounded by nature aim to provide holistic wellness. They offer a variety of wellness programs and activities, services and amenities for the purpose of revitalizing the body, mind and soul.

Q. What kinds of wellness programs are available in the Nature Health Farms?

Ans: There are different kinds of programs are available in the nature health farms. The wellness programs in the nature health farms include – detoxification, stress reduction, weight loss and mindfulness etc. To get the complete wellness experience, these programs offer the amenities like wholesome food, physical activities, spa treatments and holistic therapies.

Q. Would a health farm do me some good even if I do not want to lose weight?

Ans: It depends on your other needs. If you feel flabby and lacking in energy, the experience and massage you can get at a health farm could be useful to you, especially if you need supervision. Also, if you feel very tense and need to find a way to unwind, then the smoothing, quite atmosphere of nature health farms will help.

Q. What kind of qualified personnel and specialists are there in nature health farms?

Ans: There is a group of well-skilled personnel available in the nature health farms to provide the best experience to the visitors in nature health farms. The experts like yoga instructors, holistic therapists, fitness trainers and nutritionists are there in the nature health farms. They work together to provide a unique experience to the visitors.

Q. How much weight can I expect to lose after a week at a health farm?

Ans: It is very difficult to say. Someone very overweight and used to an extremely high calorie diet could lose 3 to 4 Kg or even more in a week. For women, the menstrual cycle has an effect on weight and if you are at a health farm during the last part of the cycle, or at the beginning of  a period, there may be no apparent weight loss, though perhaps it will show a week or so later if careful eating is maintained.

Q. I was planning to go toa health farm but have been told that it would be a waste of time and money. Can this be really true? 

Ans: You may not get very far in dieting or adjusting to new eating habits, but you will benefit from the rest and the calmness that you experience in the nature health farms. Although even a week or a fortnight won’t make you completely fit, but you should be in better shape than you started. You have be prepared to go on taking the systems and advice of the health farms and enjoy the nature. Definitely, it will work wonders on you.

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