Amazing Benefits of Gotu Kola: Incredible Ayurvedic Herb

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Amazing Benefits of Gotu Kola: Incredible Ayurvedic Herb

Gotu Kola is a perennial, herbaceous creeper, growing to 50 cm with fan-shaped leaves. Gotu Kola is an ancient ayurvedic remedy that is now used extensively in the West. Gotu Kola a humble ayurvedic herb found in the wetlands of Asia. It is a useful tonic and cleaning herb for skin problems and digestive disorders. In India, the benefits of gotu kola are being known for centuries. 

In India, it is used to treat a variety of conditions, including leprosy, but it is valued chiefly as a revitalizing herb that strengthens nervous function and memory. It has bitter-sweet, acrid taste, and in India it is sometimes used in salads and as a vegetable. In this article, we will explore the amazing benefits of gotu kola, an incredible ayurvedic herb.

Amazing Benefits of Gotu Kola Incredible Ayurvedic Herb

Know about Gotu Kola

Where Gotu Kola Found:

The benefits of Gotu Kola are known universally. Gotu Kola is found growing wild throughout India. It is a native to India and southern US. It also grows in tropical and subtropical parts of Australia, southern Africa and South America. It prefers marshy areas and riverbanks. Though usually gathered wild, Gotu Kola can be cultivated from seed in spring.

Key Constituents of Gotu Kola:

  • Triterpenoid saponins (asiaticocide brahmoside, thankuniside)

Key Actions:

  • Tonic
  • Anti rheumatic
  • Mild diuretic
  • Sedative
  • Peripheral vasodilator

Benefits of Gotu Kola:

Gotu Kola Benefits for Skin:

Gotu Kola has been used for thousands of years in India, and still has a central place in ayurvedic medicinal herbs. It is used specially to treat leprosy, skin ulcers and other skin problems. Gotu Kola has long been valued for its ability to support healthy, young skin. It promotes the creation of collagen which lessens the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.

Anti-inflammatory Effects:

Many diseases have chronic inflammation as their underlying cause. The anti-inflammatory effects of Gotu Kola are well known. Regular consumption may lower the incidence of chronic illness including arthritis and cardiovascular problems.


Research in the mid 1990s suggests that asiaticocide and thankuniside may reduce fertility, a finding that contrasts with one of the herb’s traditional uses – in India it is used to improve fertility.

Benefits of Gotu Kola as Tonic Herb:

The herb has longstanding reputation as a ‘rejuvenator’, helping concentration and fertility and as a tonic for poor digestion and rheumatism.

Memory Enhancement:

Gotu Kola has been used to promote brain function. According to research, it can enhance general cognitive function, memory and attention span. This makes it a useful natural cure for those seeking mental clarity and for students.

How to Use Gotu Kola:

Amazing Benefits of Gotu Kola

Here are the ways to get the benefits of gotu kola-

Gotu Kola Tea:

Making a rejuvenating tea with Gotu Kola is one ofvtge simplest methods to take advantages of Gotu Kola. Just add a few dried Gotu Kola leaves to hot water or to tea and then soak and filter it to drink.

Topical Application:

Gotu Kola creams and ointments are popular to treat skin problems. Apply Gotu Kola infused ointments to the affected areas of the skin. You can make a Gotu Kola paste made from powder. Just add 2 tsp dried Gotu Kola powder with 25 ml purified water to make paste and apply to patches of eczema.

Gotu Kola Leaves:

Fresh leaves of Gotu Kola are given to children for dysentery. The plant is also thought helpful for fevers, abdominal disorders, asthma and bronchitis.


For poor memory and concentration, you can take 30 drops of Gotu Kola leaves plant juice with water 3 times a day.


Gotu Kola is one of the oldest traditional ayurvedic herbs known for its amazing benefits. You can incorporate this natural ayurvedic medicinal plant in your daily routine to get the full benefits of gotu kola in skin, brain, digestion and overall health. It can enjoyed as gotu kola tea or nutritional supplement. Incorporate this natural marvel and be amazed at the wonderous benefits of gotu kola bring to your life.

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