12 Most Easy Yoga Poses Practiced at Home

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12 Most Easy Yoga Poses Practiced at Home

Yoga is an ancient Indian system for the improvement of body and mind. Yoga was practiced 4000 years ago and the fact that today it enjoys and ever increasing popularity, even in the Western world, indicates its value. Yoga can be practiced by women and men of all ages but youth is the ideal period for its perfection. Through yoga one can achieve a healthy body, calm nerves, mental strength peace of mind, wisdom and hence happiness. This article aims to guide you the 12 most easy yoga poses practiced at home.

12 Most Easy Yoga Poses Practiced at Home

Yoga is an all round self development program. It has different branches:

  1. The Yoga of action or Karma Yoga
  2. Physical yoga or Hatha yoga.
  3. The Yoga of devotion or Bhakti yoga.
  4. Mental yoga or Raja yoga.
  5. The Yoga of knowledge or Jana Joga for discovering truth and spiritual emancipation.
  6. Laya yoga – dissolving one’s ego.
  7. Mantra yoga chanting mantra.

Patanjali whose system was handed down to us in his yoga sutras taught  the 8 consecutive states of yoga are:

1 Abstention

2 Observance

3 Posture

4 Breath Control

5 Sense withdrawal

6 Concentration

7 Meditation

8 Attainment

Learning a few yogasana in early youth and performing them regularly can help building muscular strength and stamina, besides a healthy mind. The various asanas are designed to give exercises to various group of muscles. The exercise is performed regularly tone up the muscles and give them strength. They also keep the spine flexible and young even with the advancing years.

The emphasis on yoga in our ancient literature and the claims that one can prevent and treat all types of ailments through it, besides acquiring supernatural powers may be difficult to substantiate here. The fact remains that different arsanas are useful for health and fitness since they provide exercise and relaxation in a rhythmic manner.

These asanas have breathing exercises also associated with them. Hence an obvious advantage is that abundant fresh air is made available to the body and the exercises help in establishing fresh functional association between the somatic and  autonomous system of nerves. It is now being recognised that the mind and the body interact and influence each other. Though the number of yogasanas is innumerable, we will briefly describe 12 of these asanas in this article.

General instructions for most easy yoga poses:

  1. As soon as should be performed in a clean and airy place in the morning either in the open air or near an open window.
  2. While performing the asanas one must bring one’s mind to concentrate and to control the thoughts and senses.
  3. Bowls must be cleared before starting the exercise.
  4. The exercise should be done with light and lose clothes on and with bare fit.
  5. In the beginning one may not be able to perform the asanas well but through practice young persons can learn the asanas properly. Those in the middle age and old age group should not over-strain. In the beginning the duration of the asanas should be short but can be gradually increased. One should not overtired oneself there should not be any jerky or sudden movements while performing yoga.
  6. One should go on breathing at is throughout the performance of asanas and should not either breath too often or withhold the breath.

12 Most Easy Yoga Poses:

1. Siddhasana:

12 most easy yoga poses practiced at home


Siddhasana is one of the most easyy yoga poses practiced at home. While performing this asana sitting on the ground with the heal of the left foot under the anus and the heel of right foot under the testicles. The toes of both feet should be kept between the thighs and calves. The right hand should be placed in the lap with the palm upwards and the right hand over the left hand. The bag and the rest of the body should be erect in this posture. The eyes can be placed either looking (i) between the eyebrows (ii) tip of the nose (iii) straight (iv) lids half open (v) eyes closed.

These asanas checks sensuality, provides mental discipline and development of physical power.

2. Padmasana:

12 most easy yoga poses


This asana is also performed like the foregoing with the heel of the leg foot resting on the right thigh and placed on the left thigh in such a way that the heels touch each other as near the navel as possible. This is one of the most easy yoga poses. The whole body including the back is kept erect. The knees touch the ground. The hands can be placed either in the lap or on the knees. The eyes can also be fixed as in the previous asana. The asana is good for physical well being. It is believed that it improves digestion, strengthens the thighs and calves, relieves constipation and flatulence. It is also considered useful for women.

3. Gomukhasana:

12 most easy yoga poses practiced at home


This asana is also performed in the sitting posture with the left leg bent so that the heel touches the anus. The right leg is bent so that it touches the left buttock. The left foot remains straight and touches the ground and the toes of the right foot also touch the ground. The right arm is bent at the elbow behind shoulders towards the back. The left arm is bent upward behind the back so that all the eight fingers in the two hands are interlocked. The right elbow is lowerd as per as possible. The eyes are kept open and the breathing is normal. The procedure can be repeated starting on the other side.

These are asana gives strength to the foot knees, waist, arms and shoulders. This increases the long function. It is possible to inhale much greater amounts of oxygen than is ordinarily done.

4. Virasana:

This asana is also called Sri Hanumanasana. One stands on the ground with the left leg straight backwards and the right knee bent forwards. The fists of both hands are clenched with the thumb inside the fist. The right arm is stretched forward and left bent back. The trunk is stretched backwards and the leg kept straight.  The eyes are kept open. The asana can be performed by changing the position of the legs from right to left. This asana give strength and vigor and removes laziness. It reduces the waist and makes the chest broader. The feet, the thighs and the arms get strengthened.

6. Uttanakurmasana:

Sit on the ground with the heels on either side of the buttocks and the toes touching each other. The elbows are pressed against the navel and the hands are clenched. Keep the upper part of the body stretched as far as possible then lean back to touch the ground with the head while keeping the hands on the thighs. This asana is very useful for the neck and the spine. It makes the whole spinal column resilient. It also reduces bulkiness of the abdomen. The waist becomes lean, supple and beautiful.

7. Dhanurasana:

12 most easy yoga poses


This asana is done lying on the back with the palms upturned and kept close to by the side of the thighs on the ground. The legs are lifted gradually so that the toes touch the ground behind the head at a distance at which the arms can hold the big toes. The legs and the arms must remain straight. After holding the toes for sometime the feet should be released and the palms returned to their original position. The feet also return to their original position. It should not be done with jerks or in a hurry.

This asana is also very beneficial for spine. It makes it young and healthy. It also improves the circulation of blood. It is very useful for those who have protruding tummies, have heavy buttocks and who suffer from flatulence. It makes the shoulder and neck muscle strong and the waist slim. This can be done only by those who are otherwise in a normal health.

8. Matasyendrasana:

This asana is also done in the sitting posture. This is one of the most easy yoga poses practiced at home. Place the left foot on the right thigh with its heel near the navel. Then place right foot on the left knee so that the toes do not project beyond the knee. The left arm is interwind around the right knee so that the toes of the right foot can be held in the left hand. Then encircling the back the right hand should be brought to a position that it touches the left heel and the chin and the cheek touch the shoulder.  This arsana is considered beneficial for intestinal disorders. This asana is quite difficult to perform.

9. Pascimottanasana:

In this asana both the legs are stretched together on the ground and the toes are firmly held with the hands. The head is placed on the knees. This asana ensures proper circulation of blood in the body and is useful for making the spine resilient.  Those who have heavy thighs and buttocks and fat waist are benefited by this exercise. This also has got a calming down effect on the mind and can be performed by persons with irritable bent of mind. The asana should not be performed with jerks or on full stomach.

10. Mayurasana:

12 most easy yoga poses


The anus rests on the heels and one squats on one’s toes. The knees are kept apart. The elbows are kept on the knees. The hands are interlocked. Then the knees and the feet are lifted, while the weight of the body is gradually transferred on the hands, which now touch the ground. The elbow now touch the body at the navel and the weight of the whole body is eventually transferred on the hands. This asana also is considered useful for relieving indigestion and constipation. Also it gives strength to the hands and arms and also improves the function of the lungs.

11. Bhujangasana:

12 most easy yoga poses

This asana is done while lying down with the face towards the ground. The legs are joined together and kept close to the ground. The body from the toes to the navel touch is the ground. The body above the navel is lifted above the ground by supporting it on the hands, as far as possible. While in this position the upper part of the body looks like the hood of a Cobra. This asana is also very useful to improve digestion and relieve constipation. It makes the waist slim and chest broad. It is useful for improving the strength of back muscles also.

12. Shavasana:

12 most easy yoga poses

As the name suggests, the person performing this asana has to lie on the ground like a dead body. The hands are placed near the buttocks with the palms upwards. The heels touch each other with the toes pointing outside. The whole body is relaxed fully. It has to be ensured that the relaxation prevails in all parts of the body from head to toe and no part remains tense. This asana is very useful for getting relaxation.

Those who tire out soon must practice this asana. While relaxing the body the thought process in the mind should also be completely cut off, so that the mind is  also fully relaxed. The asana appears most easy yoga poses but the benefits will accrue only if there is a complete relaxation of all the parts of the body as well as the mind. It removes physical as well as mental fatigue. The attempt should be made for active relaxation of every part of the body and the mind. This asana should be performed by every youth, specially those who have some emotional disturbance or they remain nervous and anxious.

Final Thought:

These 12 most easy yoga poses are very friendly to start a journey of self-discovery and wellness. These 12 most easy yoga poses can provide you flexibility, strength and inner calm into your everyday regime. Keep in mind that consistency is the key to get the maximum benefits. Pay attention to your body and mind while practicing these 8 yoga poses. You will find a world of physical and mental peace as you advance in your practice.

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