18 Best Tips for Healthy Mind and Body

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18 Best Tips for Healthy Mind and Body

Today a great amount of time and money is spent in gymnasiums and beauty parlors. In general, people are doing everything possible to appear younger, attractive, healthier and sometimes neglecting the easier and inexpensive ways. Science confirms the link between mind set and disease: “A person’s psychological state is a prominent factor in health.” “Attitude, social networks and healthy diet are woven together in their importance for physical and mental health.”

These factors affect the immune system and how person takes care of themselves. Attitudes such as forgiveness, faith, optimism, happiness, perseverance under stress, and trust in God are linked with reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, infection, ill health and countless stress-related conditions. They also lessen the severity of illness and speed recovery when it occurs. As you go through this article, you can find some easy and valuable tips for healthy mind and body wellness that will make this world a better place and everyone’s life is better and happy life.

18 Best Tips for Healthy Mind and Body

Tips for Healthy Mind and Body:

Health comes from an equal focus on all aspects of wellness including body, mind and spirit. Here are some great ways to ensure that you always feel your best. Here are the 18 best tips for healthy mind and body. 

1. Start Your Day with a Bowl of Oatmeal:

tips for healthy mind and body

It is suggested t start your day with a bowl of oatmeal or whole grain cereal or toasted dark bread. The study found that this practice can help stave off inflammatory diseases such as diabetes, asthma and heart ailments. Whole grains also sustain energy levels because they keep blood sugar stable. Other choices are: brown rice, even popcorn.

2. Walk off Pounds at Work:

The little steps in your workday can add up to whopping 6 miles, according to the American Council on Exercise. One lawyer recommends leaving the office for coffee; two coffee runs racked up 350 steps. Spending the day mostly chained to your desk can increase your risk of deep vein thrombosis, a condition that causes swelling, pain and potentially fatal blood vessels damage. Inactivity slows circulation which can lead to a blood clot. Protect yourself by getting up and talking a walk every hour so.

3. Keep Smiling:

tips for healthy mind and body

Smiling is free – but its benefits are priceless. It lowers stress hormones in the brain, improves memory and learning, and powers up the body’s immune system. It also improves your looks! When older women flash a broad smile, they are perceived as more youthful and appealing, according to a study in Psychology and Aging.

4. Express Gratitude:

People who express gratitude tend to live longer, healthier lives, have stronger, fewer heart attacks and lower blood pressure. Mentally rehearsing or writing  a list of daily blessings is a powerful buffer against mental depression and physical illness.

5. Get Enough Sleep:

tips for healthy mind and body

Sleeping 7 to 8 hours at night will ward off Type 2 Diabetes. Good night slumber can have lifesaving benefits. Researchers say too much or too little sleep increases stress hormones and insulin resistance – an indication that the body is struggling to regulate blood sugar. It is important to form a good sleep habits in daily life.

6. Give up Soda Habit and Drink Enough Water:

tips for healthy mind and body

Swapping sugary drinks for water can help you lose 3 pounds a year, according to researchers at Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Oakland, California. Skipping soda cuts down on calories, of course, but drinking water may help rev your metabolism, because well-hydrated cells may process carbs and fat more efficiently. Most of us do not drink enough water for optimum health. Drinking water will boast your health in many ways: improving digestion, avoiding constipation and controlling metabolism, blood pressure and weight. By drinking more water you can also replace beverages that are not good for your health, such as soft drinks and alcohol.

7. Breath Deeply:

tips for healthy mind and body

Slow, deep abdominal breathing can lower blood pressure, slow heart rate and relax muscles. It can also reduce the frequency of hot flashes, according to the research. Try this; Sit in a comfortable chair and allow your breath to deepen. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Close your eyes to cut out distractions. Let your belly rise and fall with each breath. You may form a healthy habit of practicing yoga for breathing practice.

8. Don’t Forget to Eat:

You should not skip your breakfast, lunch and dinner, and two snacks every day, says Cheryl Forberg, RD, nutritionist and advisor to the The Biggest Loser. Skipping meals can lead to out-of-control hunger and overeating. Stick to a regular schedule to keep metabolism revived, hunger satisfied and energy up.

9. Eat an Apple a Day:

tips for healthy mind and body

Massive scientific studies have shown that the fruit can lower the risk of lung disease and type 2 diabetes, and even help shed pounds. Apples are a major source of antioxidants flavonoids. Eating an apple every day provides the same antioxidants boost as 1500 mg of vitamin C, according to a review in Nutrition Journal. Apples also contain a healthy dose of soluble fiber that can help cut cholesterol. Be sure to eat apple with skin.

10. Do Something Different:

New experiences stimulate the brain area that produces dopamine, a chemical involved in learning and memory. Studies show that doing new things (learning a language or just altering your workout) builds brain mass and increases mental agility. Take up a hobby, sport or musical instrument in your leisure hours. It will help to stay mentally refreshed and energetic.

11. Walk Faster and Live Longer:

tips for healthy mind and body

A fast stride may mean living longer, reveals a National Institutes of Health study. Adults in their 70s who could walk about a quarter of a mile in 5 minutes were 30% less likely to die in the next 5 years compared with peers who took 6 minutes to walk the same distance. Aim to take 3000 steps within 30 minutes or 1000 in 10 minutes bouts, and count your steps with a pedometer.

12. Plant Flowers:

tips for healthy mind and body

Digging in the dirt may boost your mood and help you cope with stress, says a study from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. Researchers believe that inhaling certain bacteria found in soil may stimulate the release of mood-enhancing chemicals in the brain.

13. Listening to Music:

Make a habit of listening music according to your choice. It is recommended to listen soft melody rather than harsh or loud music when you are in a mood to replenish. Even listening closely to music eases pain, depression and disability, according to a 2006 study at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation.

14. Get Enough Calcium:

The mineral is the main component of bone and omen need at least 1000 mg a day -1200 after menopause. Eat calcium-rich dairy foods and consider taking two 500 mg supplements a day. “Take doses separately, for example, one at breakfast and one at dinner,” says Kimberly Templeton, MD, an associate professor of orthopedic surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center. “The body can absorb only about 500 mg at a time.”

15. Exercise Regularly and Be Happier:

tips for healthy mind and body

A new study suggests that exercise helps protect your heart from the physical damage that mental strain can cause. When you are emotionally taxed, your immune system churns out inflammatory chemicals that can contribute to clogged arteries. But if you are fit, you may be protected. “Exercise may turn up the nervous system so it can take a reasonable amount of stress in stride, instead of putting your immune system on red alert,” according to a researcher at University College London. To get protective benefits, work out vigorously twice a week.

16. Power up Your Brain with Fruits:

Scientists in France found that people on fruit-heavy diets did better on standard tests measuring language skills, logic and memory. All you need is to take a little amount of grapefruit, 1/4 cup of blueberries, or two sweet cherries, almond per day.

17. Eat Smarter:

Vegetables have an unexpected downside: many of them are virtually fat-free, and you need fat in the meal to absorb cancer-fighting carotenoids. Try to eat your meals at the same time every day. Switching to plant-based diet can add a number of benefits to your health. Plant foods provide a rich source of fiber, vitamins and minerals that help with weight management, digestive function and cardiovascular health. Fruits, mixed vegetables nutrition and fresh herbs are specially rich in anti-oxidants – nutrients that fight cell damage in the body and may even help to prevent the development of lifestyle cancer.

18. Have Faith on Spirituality:

tips for healthy mind and body

People of faith often score better on measures of wellness and overall health, including longevity and cardiovascular benefits. Spirituality also has a positive effect on the mental health because of its focus on love, hope, generosity and trust. Spirituality helps to prevent stress-related illness. Religion gives you a value system to live by. It also provides a social network that allows you to spend time with people who live by your values and beliefs. The sense of gratitude associated with religion and ability to live in harmony with what you believe also leads to greater happiness in life.


So there are the 18 best tips for healthy mind and body and ultimate wellness. If you find it difficult to implement all these 18 tips for healthy mind and body for better life style at the same time, incorporate them one by one to boost your well-being.

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