How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

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How to Prevent Childhood Obesity

At one time, obesity was thought to be a problem only for adults. But the truth is that children are now also suffering from the problem of obesity. About 30 to 40 percent of children, especially among school-going children today, suffer from complications like obesity. And as time goes on we see the effects of obesity complications in children. In fact, parents with children and teenagers are coming to the doctor with physical problems related to obesity and overweight.

how to prevent childhood obesity

Examination of adolescent children in particular shows that many of them are suffering from dyslipidemia or excess cholesterol. Even in many children, fatty liver is a well-known problem. Not only this, type 2 diabetes has also become a cause of concern. So, the parents are very much concern now how to prevent obesity in children. In this article, we can give you a comprehensive idea about the causes of obesity in children and how to prevent childhood obesity.

Obesity and diabetes in children:

After a period of time, the prevalence of diabetes in overweight children begins to increase. Especially in the past, when a child went to the doctor with diabetes problems, it was assumed that the child was suffering from type-1 diabetes. In type-1 diabetes, the insulin-secreting beta pathways in the body are completely destroyed. As a result, the body does not produce insulin and the result is diabetes. On the other hand, in type-2 diabetes, the body does not produce enough insulin or the insulin cannot work properly. Obesity is particularly associated with such complications.

When it is matter of concern?

A few years ago, if a child came with diabetes after puberty, he might be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. However, most of the children who are suffering from sugar problem in the present age are found to be suffering from type 2 diabetes. And most of such children are suffering from obesity or overweight complications. It should be remembered that people who are already obese and overweight are at a higher risk of developing diabetes. The matter like diabetes in children suffering from obesity gets more complicated.

What causes obesity in children?

Sedentary Lifestyle:

There was a situation when the child sat down to eat and ran around for ten minutes. And parents had to run behind him. As a result, the parent was always worried that the child was almost on an empty stomach and how his nutrition would be complete. And now the situation is completely opposite. Most kids now eat while watching TV or with their eyes on their mobile phones. So parents don’t have to rush to give food to their children. Parents are also able to feed the child at will. In some cases, it is becoming redundant.

Unhealthy Dietary Habits:

Besides, now children can get chocolate, ice cream, chips whenever they are willing. Energy is also entering the body more through those foods. As a result the problem like obesity is knocking in the life of children and the concern of parents on how to prevent obesity in children is increasing.

how to prevent obesity in children

Lack of physical Activity:

Meanwhile, there is no field next to the house and the children’s running in the morning and afternoon has also decreased. Therefore, the energy entering the body through food does not get a chance to burn. The results are dire and causes obesity.

Genetic Factors:

Genetic factors can influence a child’s susceptibility to weight gain and obesity. A family history of obesity increases the likelihood of a child being obese.

What is the effects of obesity in children?

In a word, obesity is emerging and it is emerging not only in adults but also in children. But it is important to prevent childhood obesity. Childhood obesity means premature problems of fatty liver, cholesterol, diabetes. It increases the risk factors and developing several health hazards, including type-2 diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, joint problems and fatty liver diseases. Besides of all that, children with obesity often face emotional challenges and often go through depression and anxiety.

How to Prevent Childhood Obesity?

What to feed?

Pay attention to the nutritional content of the food rather than the amount of food. The child must eat a balanced diet. What does a balanced diet consist of? Rice, bread, vegetables, fish, chicken, soybeans, pulses, fruits.

What not to feed?

Avoid foods high in trans fats. That is, avoid chips, nuggets, fast food, cold drinks etc. Cake, pasty, fried food should be eaten as little as possible. Eat a balanced diet with fiber.

Normal diet also has rules:

It is necessary to follow a few rules in eating a balanced daily diet. That is, stop force feeding the baby. When the child says no more, he is not hungry, hold him and stop putting food in his mouth. As a result, calories will not get a chance to enter the child’s body separately.

More Physical Activity:

Let the child play. But there is no time for children to play in the field now. They go to school in the morning, learn to draw in the afternoon and take poetry classes in the evening – all in all, their sports time is running out. So today’s kids are engaged in various activities all the time. As a result, there is no time to exercise. Even children are missing out on playing sports. At least 30 to 35 minutes of running time should be given to them every day.

Customized Diet:

Children who are already diagnosed with fatty liver, cholesterol, sugar problems need to be started with customized or specially controlled diet. This diet will work much like medicine for the patient. But in this case, it is necessary to see how much the child’s liver enzymes have increased, how much sugar is there, etc.

But it is better to follow some restrictions in terms of diet. For example, you cannot cook in the same oil over and over again. It increases the risk of trans fat formation.

Keep Track of Calorie Level:

It is better to watch the calorie level while eating. Maintain a diary of recording child’s eating habits and limiting the calorie intake. Cold drinks cause fat deposits in the liver. Try to avoid as much as possible.

Do children have to take sugar medicine?

Children diagnosed with diabetes after puberty require medication.

What is the Threat of Childhood Obesity?

Childhood obesity is emerging as an adult threat. It may come as a surprise to learn that a large proportion of those who become obese as children remain obese into adulthood. Obesity means increased fat cell size and increased fat cell number. First, the size of fat cells increases. The size of fat cells can be controlled by diet control. But when the number increases, it becomes difficult to control. This is why it is said that people with increased number of fat cells find it difficult to control their obesity.

Final Thought:

Diabetes that occurs in puberty can be reversed. That is, diet control, exercise can restore health. But preventing obesity in children demands a collaborate efforts of family, school, society and surroundings. By addressing lifestyle factors and promoting healthy choices early on, we can keep away the risks of childhood obesity and prevent childhood obesity, ensuring a healthier future generation. Remember small changes can bring significant long-term benefits in a child’s health and well-being.

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